Bacon Freak Smoked Bacon


Bacon Freak Smoked Bacon is our latest addition to our bacon assortment and is bound to become our most popular!  Produced in a small family smokehouse that is organically certified, and animal welfare approved , you can taste the quality of this premium bacon.  This brown sugar cured gourmet bacon proudly bears our "Bacon is Meat Candy motto. This thick cut bacon is smoked over a mix of maple, cherry and hickory wood for hours to create a classic flavor that is bacony good! Yes indeed, "bacony" is an adjective straight out of the bacon dictionary. One bite of this smoked bacon and you'll be coming up with your own clever adjectives to describe this product.   This smoked bacon is less salty than our dry cured offerings and is perfect for breakfast, sandwiches and recipes that need "baconizing."


Package contains 16 oz.


*Keep Refrigerated