Bacon Freak Maple Cinnamon Bacon

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Bacon Freak Maple Cinnamon Bacon

Bacon Freak's smoked maple cinnamon bacon is our latest creation. We boldly go where no other bacon has gone before to create a bacon with one of America's favorite flavor combinations: maple and cinnamon. This bacon is cured with a combination of our secret spices and is slow smoked over real hickory! We also use real maple and real cinnamon, then slice this bacon thick and meaty! This hearty, mildly sweet bacon won't shrink in the pan like grocery store bacon. Our maple smoked bacon is delicious all by itself, or served with favorite breakfast dishes like pancakes and waffles. One 16 oz. package included. *Due to the sugar content, we recommend that you cook this bacon in the oven. Instructions on how to cook bacon in the oven will be included. If you cook it in a skillet, cook over low heat and monitor closely to avoid burning.

*Keep refrigerated

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