Bacon Freak Easter Fun Four Pack

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Bacon, bacon, bacon, BACON! Why stop at just one pound of bacon? And just one flavor? Where's the fun in that?

With all the different flavors of bacon that Bacon Freak carries, you never have to limit yourself to just one kind! That's just absolutely absurd. The hard part is choosing which flavor to open first! Boss Hog Honey BBQ dry cured bacon is coated with our golden honey BBQ rub. We add a special blend of brown sugar, dry honey, and spices to give the bacon a delicious, country BBQ flavor. The Majestic Pig Cracked Four Pepper bacon is delightfully speckled with four different peppers, white, black, green and pink pepper and is also dry cured so it won't shrink in the frying pan. Bacon Freak's Applewood Smoked Bacon has a great flavor and is the obvious choice, in my book, to go with your pancakes or waffles. Boss Hog's Hickory Smoked Maple Bacon is wet cured, hickory smoked then coated with maple syrup. Yes indeed! Expand your bacon horizons with this bundle. Spending the holiday away from home? This bundle, which includes a gift box, makes a super duper hostess gift, so order now and mark that off your to-do list! 

This Festive Bundle Includes:

•1 Package Boss Hog Honey BBQ Smoked Bacon
•1 Package The Majestic Pig Cracked Four Pepper Bacon
•1 Package Bacon Freak Applewood Smoked Bacon
•1 Package Boss Hog Hickory Smoked Maple Bacon

Gift box included


 *Each package contains 14-16 oz of bacon.

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