Bacon Freak Breakfast Feast

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Bacon Freak Breakfast Feast

Breakfast's on! This bundle's got everything you need to make a delicious breakfast, just add water, literally.

Bacon Freak's classic hickory smoked bacon awakens the nose as it is fried up. Meanwhile a pot of maple bacon coffee brews adding the aroma of maple to the air. Now to the gourmet buttermilk pancake mix, just add water to blend up a thick batter for frying up. Feel like getting "piggy" with it, add some real bacon bits to the pancake before you flip it.

With the mixed aromas, salty, sweet and just down right yummy, you won't need to make a second call of breakfast's on.

Bacon Freak Breakfast Feast includes:

Bacon Freak Hickory Smoked Bacon 16oz.

Boss Hog Maple Bacon Coffee Beans 8 oz.

Bacon Freak Gourmet Buttermilk Pancake Mix 12 oz.

Boss Hog Fully Cooked Hickory Smoked Bacon Bits 2 oz.