Bacon Freak 3 Pack Dry Cured Bacon Sampler


Have you ever wondered about the difference between our exceptional dry-cured bacon and the soggy mass produced bacon at your nearest supermarket? With this 3 Pack Dry-cured Bacon Sampler gift, you'll get 3 different gourmet bacons that are dry-cured, the old-fashioned way. The dry-cure process is how folks use to enjoy bacon before refrigeration. You will receive Hickory Smoked, a traditional favorite.  Also included are Applewood and Maplewood Smoked with a slightly sweet and milder flavor.  We'll ship these without ice and they will arrive room temperature because this bacon is shelf stable.  When your dry cured bacon sampler gift arrives, we suggest you store in the refrigerator to enjoy maximum freshness and flavor. 


Sampler contains three 14 oz. packages 

This bundle ships without gel-packs and travels at room temperature as these bacon varieties are shelf stable for up to 10 days per USDA.  

We stand by this product, like all our items.  If you receive anything and it doesn't meet your expectations, contact us and we will make it right.