Bacon Freak $25 Gift Card

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Bacon Freak $25 Gift Card

Guess what, Bacon Freaks? We now carry these awesome things called Gift Cards! Wait, what? Yes! You can get one of these beautiful $25 Gift Cards delivered to you. That way you can put them inside any greeting card of your choice, then give it to your fellow bacon lover... Or just slip it into their wallet and witness their sheer delight upon discovery when they reach in for their cash. It's so much better than a credit card! It's a BACON Gift Card! Gift Cards come enclosed in a small white envelope. Multiple $25 cards may be used on the same online purchase. You may use your leftover balance on any future online purchases. *Shipping cost for per gift card is $1.00.
**This item is not eligible for the "free shipping over $75" offer. Coupons do not count toward the gift card, and gift cards are not taxable.