Bacon Sweets & Snacks

Our collection of bacon sweets and snacks is an eclectic group of tasty treats. Mouth-watering bacon and chocolate combinations, kitschy bacon candy that's fun and tasty, and delicious bacon-inspired pork jerky from Big Fork.

  • Bacon Freak Smokey Bacon Cheese Straws in bowl

    Bacon Freak Smokey Bacon Cheese Straws

    What do you get when you cross aged cheddar cheese with the smoky flavor of bacon? Bacon Freak's newest snack, Smokey Bacon Cheese Straws! Don't you hate it when you have a hankering for cheddar cheese and smoky bacon but you're nowhere near a kitchen?...

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  • Bacon Frosting

    Think of a magical world where the flavor of bacon graces practically everything you can think of. Oh wait- You're in it! Right here on this website! And... do you like cake? Cupcakes? If you do, you should grace those delicious baked goods with...

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  • BBQ Bacon Strip Lollipop

    Are you a sucker for anything bacon flavored? Try Melville Candy Company's delicious barbecue bacon flavored lollipops! They're gourmet bacon lollipops that are a delicious combination of BBQ, Bacony, smoky flavor with the sweetness of a candy...

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  • Boss Hog dark chocolate covered cooked bacon strips and packaging

    Boss Hog Dark Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips

    The name says it all! Bacon and chocolate, living in perfect harmony... Because when rich, dark chocolate meets savory bacon, it's a match made in hog heaven! If you love bacon, and if you love chocolate, you will love these Dark Chocolate-Covered Bacon...

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  • milk chocolate covered cooked bacon with packaging

    Boss Hog Milk Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips

    The name says it all! Imagine the delicious taste of sweet, velvety chocolate. Then let your mind wander to the savory, crunchy taste of bacon. Combine them and you've entered hog heaven! This item is a sweet and savory marriage of flavors, taking...

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