Bacon Bacon Ham

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two packs of bacon and one pack of ham center steaks

Baconfreak's answer to duck duck goose is bacon bacon ham! A great bundle with a nice variety of pork, such as a classic pack of Baconfreak's hickory smoked bacon. This bacon is cut thick and smoked to perfection. Salty, smoky and crisped to the chef's preference, this bacon is simple but classic.

Feeling like a walk on the bacon wild side? Try the Swine King's bacon flavored with paprika and garlic that is included in this bundle. This succulent bacon is smoked then hand rubbed with a mixture of flavors. This bacon is bold enough to fly solo and this way you can savor the flavor.

The hickory smoked country ham center steaks are delicious and easy to prepare and round out this offering. Don't miss the various cooking methods described on the back of the package and try the red-eye gravy recipe, if you dare!

Give it a try, bacon bacon HAM!

Bacon Bacon Ham includes:

Bacon Freak Hickory Smoked Bacon 16 oz.

Swine King Paprika Garlic Bacon 14 oz.

Broadbent's Hickory Smoked Center Steaks  16 oz.