Baby Bubba's Cinnamon Sugar Bacon

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Baby Bubba's Cinnamon Sugar Bacon

We love to sprinkle cinnamon sugar on toast, apple slices, ice cream, etc. And so we thought, why not add it to bacon? Here at Team Bacon, we're pretty much in the habit of pairing up bacon with just about anything. So you really shouldn't be surprised by anything us Bacon Freaks come up with. So we bring you Cinnamon Sugar Bacon! One pound of sweet and salty delicious bacon in your mouth! Eat it alone or added to dessert. Either way, you'll agree it's a sweet and salty dream come true. One 16 oz. package. *Due to the sugar content, we recommend that you cook this bacon in the oven. Instructions on how to cook bacon in the oven will be included. If you cook it in a skillet, cook over low heat and monitor closely to avoid burning.

*Keep Refrigerated