The Bacon Freak Gift Bundle

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The Bacon Freak Gift Bundle
It's all bacon related with this gift bundle. Show your love for bacon with a "Bacon is Meat Candy™" t-shirt, bumper sticker, and bacon air freshener for your car. Carry your hard-earned cash in the super cool bacon wallet. Burn yourself cooking bacon? Use the bacon bandages to patch yourself up. And whenever you can't have bacon, use the bacon-flavored seasoning to make your food taste like bacon! Don't forget there's maple bacon taffy for dessert. Sweet! Just remember, this gift bundle doesn't actually come with bacon. This is for the bacon novelty lover or any vegetarian who likes bacon but can't eat it. We know, that sounds like a travesty. But we don't think anyone should be denied bacony goodness. This bundle contains:
•Bacon is Meat Candy™ T-shirt. Use drop down box above to choose size.
•Bacon is Meat Candy™ Bumper Sticker
•2 Bacon Flavored Seasonings
•Bacon Wallet
•Bacon Flavored Toothpicks
•Bacon Bandages
•Bacon Air Freshener
•Maple Bacon Taffy
*This gift bundle DOES include a free gift box. You do not need to add a gift box at checkout for this gift bundle.