Maple Bacon Sugar High Bundle

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Maple Bacon Sugar High Bundle
It's time for sweets and treats during this fun celebration. So you may as well get your Maple Bacon on! And this bundle has an assortment of different Maple Bacon goodies. Complete with a package of Maple Bacon, Sweet Pepper Bacon Jerky with maple flavor, Maple Bacon Popcorn, and Maple Bacon Lollipops; you're sure to be satisfied and ready to celebrate the holiday! And you know it's not a party unless bacon is involved. Nothing says "Let's party" like BACON!

This Bundle Includes:
•Boss Hog Maple Bacon Popcorn
•Sweet & Spicy Bacon Jerky
•Boss Hog's Hickory Smoked Maple Bacon
•Man Bait Maple Bacon Lollipops (5 Pack)* *This item has been replaced with two bacon strip, fruit flavored lollipops.