Boss Hog's Bacon Cure Kit

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Boss Hog's Bacon Cure Kit
How awesome would it be if you could cure your own bacon? Well, with Boss Hog's Bacon Curing Kit, you can do just that. It's so easy, anyone can do it! Don't worry about messing it up (and besides, bacon wouldn't want you worry). Our kit comes with everything you need* to cure and flavor your own delicious, smoky bacon at home! Choose from four of our top bacon rubs to season your bacon with. This is the ultimate way to show bacon just how much you love it. Curing your own bacon means you'll never have to endure another shrunken, shriveled piece of bacon again! This kit lets you decide on everything, from the flavor of the bacon to the thickness of the slices. Have you ever wanted to attain bacon perfection? Now you can!

This Kit Includes:

•Complete Instructions on How to Cure Bacon
•1 jar of Bacon Cure
•1 jar of Bacon Rub in your choice of either Mesquite, Southwest Chipotle, Garlic Pepper or Apple Pie
•1 pop-up thermometer
•Large plastic bag
•Bacon Freak Gift Box
*This bundle DOES NOT include bacon. In order to cure bacon, you need to purchase UNCURED bacon. You can get your hooves on uncured slabs of bacon at your grocery store or local butcher.